White Ranch Park – A Slideshow

19 Feb

Happy Spring my fellow readers! Yes, I know, it’s February, but it feels like Spring is just around the corner. I wanted to do a post that features one of my favorite parks, it is also host to some fantastic campsites. The best in the area in my opinion. What other agency lets you camp for free, provides firewood, bathrooms, AND non-potable water?? The sites area also spaced apart and most provide amazing views of either mountains or the city of Golden. Anyways, enjoy the slideshow.

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Girl’s Trip to Seattle, WA

8 Nov

I know you’ve heard this many times before, but, long time no see! I recently took a semi-last minute trip to Seattle, WA with my bestie and I’m so excited to share the amazing photos that we took. My sister was going to come, but she ended up getting a new job just before-hand. I think that’s a decent enough excuse not to go :-) Congrats again sis!

Anyways, enjoy the photos!

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Breaking New Ground

7 May


I am very excited for this project, and am really excited to see things moving forward! Clear Creek offers so much recreationally and scenically, I’ll be glad to see this project finished!

Originally posted on Peaks to Plains Trail:

IMG_1278 Ready to dig

On April 23, Clear Creek and Jefferson County Commissioners broke ground with gold-painted shovels on the portion of the Peaks to Plains Trail in Clear Creek County. Work on this 2-mile section is being managed by the Clear Creek County Open Space Commission and staff.

All six County Commissioners from both counties christened the project with enthusiastic words of support for the intra-county project. The groundbreaking ceremony was held at the west entrance to the Oxbow, just west of Tunnel #5.

photo Shovels ready

Clear Creek County Open Space Commission Chair Marion Jennings served as master of ceremonies. The event was well attended with key people from both counties as well as project supporters. Attendees included the Jefferson County and Clear Creek County Administrators, Ralph Schell and Tom Breslin; a representative from Great Outdoors Colorado; board members and staff from the Clear Creek Land Conservancy; staff from both county open space programs; members of…

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Spring Gardening in Colorado

26 Mar

Spring is well on its way here in good ol’ Colorado! However, Spring here ranges from winter to summer and back again, all within a span of a couple days. This type of weather wreaks havoc on our gardens and its important to follow a few steps until Spring has truly arrived. Here are a few tips from my flower garden to yours on how to keep your plants alive during our late spring frost.

1. Don’t pick up all the mulch/grass trimmings/leaves yet. This adds great insulation and protection from our late season frosts.

2. Don’t trim rose bushes yet. Even though the bases are turning green, leave the deadened parts alone until after the frost.

3. Don’t fertilize yet. It will encourage growth, but the tender growth may die back from the cold or weight of the snow.

4. DO water. Of course it depends on the temperature, but if it’s going to be warm for the next couple days go ahead and water your flowers. Even in the winter, if it’s been dry they need moisture.

Here is a great blog from the Colorado State University (CSU) Extension on Spring Gardening. This blog post goes into lawn and tree care for Spring in Colorado and has been a great resource for me.
Jeffco Gardener


Here are a few pictures from my garden:

Wild strawberries

Wild strawberries

These are wild strawberries. They grow by rhizomes (each plant is connected) and this thing has spread so quickly already. Unfortunately the strawberries take a while to ripen and by then they’ve been ravaged by squirrels and birds.



These are my columbines, they’ve really taken hold here. At first they looked pretty scraggly, but each year they come back stronger and larger than the year before. I am very excited to see them this year!



These actually are on our neighbors side, but they’ve already grown a bunch and it’s only March! You can see another patch of wild strawberry near the base of it.

Rose bush

Rose bush

A very blurry picture of my rose bush. I am very very excited to see this bloom this year. I bought it at Home Depot and it has just thrived. My plan is to purchase two more rose bushes before the summer is over.



I am also very excited to see these bloom. I got these from a friend and the color should be spectacular. I want to say they’re purple, but that will just add to the suspense.

The late frost better not kill my plants!

Happy Gardening!


How to Haze a Coyote

21 Feb

Now most of you know that I work in the Parks and Recreation field (like the T.V. show? Yep, exactly like the show). When I find something that’s useful and funny, I just can’t turn away from that.

Coyotes have been increasingly problematic as human development encroaches on land, and coyotes are just wiley enough to adapt to our neighborhoods and parks. There are pros and cons to having coyotes around, unfortunately the cons greatly outweigh the pros.

Pro: They eat pesky rodents.

Cons: They may become territorial and aggressive and attack pets or people.

That’s it. I mean, there are several other pros and cons, but the con greatly outweighs any pros.

With all that said, enjoy watching this video on how to keep coyote’s at bay!

Ski Trip!

7 Feb

Every year we go on a ski trip and this year it was to Copper. Unfortunately it was a shorter trip than we usually take, but it was still just as fun.


Some years it is cold and windy, with snow blowing in your face. Other years it’s too warm and there isn’t enough snowpack. But this year, it was just right! It was cold, but the sun warmed you up. The slopes were a tad icy, but the gorgeous view helped out with that. The runs were amazing, though I am very much out of shape.


There is nothing like taking a hot shower, getting into comfy clothes, and relaxing by the fireplace after a day of skiing. Maybe the sore muscles, the wind frozen face, and exhaustion just makes you appreciate those tiny things in life even more.


I truly love Colorado and appreciate all it has to offer. The mountains, the sun, the history, and yes, even the crazy weather we get sometimes. It’s important to take pride in something, but Colorado just makes it so easy. It’s easy to boast of what it has to offer.


I hope you take pride in where you live too. Whether it’s the golden fields of wheat, sunny beaches, or lush, green forests as far as the eye can see. Love where you live (yes, even Kansas) and you’ll soon appreciate all that is has to offer!

Homemade Chicken Wings

2 Feb

I wish I added this post before Superbowl Sunday, but wings are best served fresh. I found this recipe on Food Network’s website and was excited to see multiple sauces. I had tried a wings recipe in the past cooking them in the oven. This method is healthier, but in my honest opinion, just not the same as frying.

I have a love/hate relationship with Crisco. I understand that it is filled with chemicals and is incredibly unhealthy for you. However, I also recognize that it performs better in certain recipes. Frying, is just one of those recipes.

There are precautions to take when frying your food.
1. Use a thermometer. Too hot and the oil will burn and splatter everywhere. Too cold and it will take too long to cook the chicken, resulting in an overcooked exterior.
2. I use a splatter screen. I also cleaned up extra oil that splattered on the stove-top to prevent grease fires.
3. Don’t walk away! Keep an eye on the temperature and on splatter.
4. Don’t overfill the pot.
5. Eat a wing or two. (to make sure they taste ok!)



So this was my first post using my cellphone, so I apologize for the picture quality. These wings turned out GREAT and I highly recommended this recipe! Go Broncos!!

Sunny Anderson’s Chicken Wings 3 ways


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