Homemade Chicken Wings

2 Feb

I wish I added this post before Superbowl Sunday, but wings are best served fresh. I found this recipe on Food Network’s website and was excited to see multiple sauces. I had tried a wings recipe in the past cooking them in the oven. This method is healthier, but in my honest opinion, just not the same as frying.

I have a love/hate relationship with Crisco. I understand that it is filled with chemicals and is incredibly unhealthy for you. However, I also recognize that it performs better in certain recipes. Frying, is just one of those recipes.

There are precautions to take when frying your food.
1. Use a thermometer. Too hot and the oil will burn and splatter everywhere. Too cold and it will take too long to cook the chicken, resulting in an overcooked exterior.
2. I use a splatter screen. I also cleaned up extra oil that splattered on the stove-top to prevent grease fires.
3. Don’t walk away! Keep an eye on the temperature and on splatter.
4. Don’t overfill the pot.
5. Eat a wing or two. (to make sure they taste ok!)



So this was my first post using my cellphone, so I apologize for the picture quality. These wings turned out GREAT and I highly recommended this recipe! Go Broncos!!

Sunny Anderson’s Chicken Wings 3 ways

One Response to “Homemade Chicken Wings”

  1. admirable February 2, 2014 at 9:06 pm #

    They were very yummy. It is nice to be a taste teaser on your food this time around!

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